If you’re thinking of taking on some remodeling projects, not every home upgrade is going to give you an equal return on your investment. According to the most recent Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling.com, many home improvement projects will add value to your home. But most aren’t going to recoup the cost of the project. 

If you’re going to spend some cash on home upgrades, it matters whether you’re doing them for functional purposes, to make your home more comfortable for you and your family, or to add value as you get ready to sell. For example, you might want a new kitchen or master bath, but you’re less likely to recoup your investment on a major remodel than on some other projects. According to the latest study, here are the home upgrades that will give you the best return on your investment. 

Home Upgrades That Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is essential for making an impression on buyers before they ever step foot in your home. The good news is that the money you invest in some of these projects has some of the highest ROI of any home upgrades. 

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer can replace siding and create an entirely different look to the exterior of your home. The material includes a water-resistive layer and is simple to install. Even better, it has the highest ROI of any home upgrade at 95.6%.

Siding Replacement

Another exterior home option is to replace your siding. According to the latest figures, you can get a 77.6% ROI with fiber-cement siding and a 74.7% ROI with vinyl siding. 

Door Replacement

Doors are functional, but they also add curb appeal and can increase the energy efficiency of your home. The ROI on a garage door replacement is 94.5%, and you can recoup 68.8% of your money by replacing your entry door with a steel one. 

Home Upgrades That Add Space

Both homeowners and prospective buyers appreciate ample space. Most people that trade up are doing so to get access to more square footage. These projects can have a good to moderate ROI. 

Deck Addition

Outdoor spaces have become incredibly popular home features. Remodeling.com says you’ll get a 72.1% ROI with a wood deck addition and a 66.8% ROI with a composite one.

Master Suite Addition

If you want to add some space to your master suite, the average ROI for one of those projects is about 58.5%. 

Home Upgrades That Enhance Your Interior

Most interior upgrades should be done for your benefit, but you can’t discount the fact that potential buyers will be relieved to walk into a kitchen and see that the appliances aren’t from the 80s. But, unfortunately, the ROI on these project can vary. 

Kitchen Remodel

The extent of your kitchen remodel will determine the ROI. For example, a minor kitchen remodel has the highest ROI at 77.6%, and a major upscale kitchen remodel the lowest at 53.9%.

Bath Remodel

The same holds true for bathroom upgrade projects. A mid-range bathroom remodel project has an ROI of 64%, and an upscale bathroom remodel or addition has an ROI of 56.6% and 54.7%, respectively.

Home Upgrades That Add Function

Most home upgrades that add function are done out of necessity instead of a desire for a high ROI. No one is going to buy or live in a home with a leaky roof or drafty windows. These projects do have a decent ROI, so they are worth your attention. 

Window Replacement

Windows can help with energy efficiency and aesthetics, but vinyl window replacement has a 72.3% ROI and wood just 68.9%.

Roofing Replacement

If you need to replace your roof, your choice in materials matters. An asphalt roof replacement has a 65.9% ROI, and a metal roof replacement, a 61.2% ROI. 

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