In the ideal world of South Caroline real estate, everyone would buy a new home at the same time of selling their old property for a seamless move. Often, however, this isn’t the case. Sometimes, people find their new dream home before selling their existing home. Other times, people find a buyer before deciding where to live next.

Most times, if you cannot coordinate a move, you’re in a better position if you have sold your home before buying a new one than in the reverse situation.

You know exactly what funds you have available for buying your next piece of Lexington real estate or a nearby home. Plus, you become a more attractive buyer as any prospective seller knows that you are ready to move in and that a sale will definitely go through.

If you’re interested in Lake Murray real estate or surrounding areas in the South Carolina midlands, including Lexington, Columbia, Blythewood, and Chapin, and have sold your home before buying a new one, these tips from the Lafayette Team could be useful.

Find Somewhere to Stay

Having an interim place to stay, as well as somewhere to store your possessions, is vital for any transition period. You could ask family and friends if you could stay with them for a period. Alternatively, short-term rentals could be a great solution. Try to stay somewhere fairly close to your preferred areas for easier house-hunting opportunities.

You could also consider, if the buyer of your home is agreeable, setting up a short-term leaseback agreement. This essentially means that you remain living in your old home as a renter for a short time after the sale.

Give Time to House Hunting

Once you’ve sold your home, be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time towards finding your perfect South Carolina real estate. Consider taking time off work to attend viewings.

With a booming seller’s market in South Carolina at present, it’s vital that you’re ready to put in an offer and seal the deal as soon as possible. Dragging your heels will likely mean you miss out on some perfect properties.

Consult an Expert

You probably already have a list of must-haves (or must-nots) for your perfect future home. You likely know what areas you are interested in, and you will have a good idea of your budget.

Hiring an expert, such as a member of the Lafayette Team, can help you to think outside the box slightly, and may help you discover options that you would not otherwise have considered. Plus, experienced real estate agents know all the current housing trends.   Broadening your search with the assistance of an experienced real estate professional can help you find the new perfect home even faster.

Why Choose the Lafayette Team?

If you’re looking to buy a home in Columbia and surrounding areas (Lexington, Blythewood, Chapin, Lake Murray), contact the Lafayette Team. With extensive local knowledge and more than 17 years of combined retail estate experience, you know you’ll be in good hands. The team truly cares about our clients and takes pride in offering “a red carpet experience” from start to finish.