South Carolina is one of the hottest destinations in the country. According to the U.S. Census, South Carolina is the 10th fastest-growing state in the nation. The Palmetto State’s population increased by nearly 11% since the last census.

Lexington County is one area that is appealing to people looking to move. The town of Lexington’s population increased by nearly 32% during the same time period.

This comes as no surprise given the many things to do in Lexington. Read on to learn the top things to do in Lexington, SC. Explore popular Lexington attractions and why moving to Lexington is a good idea.

Lake Murray

Many people want to live near a body of water. While Lexington is within driving distance to South Carolina’s famous beaches, Lake Murray also gives residents an impressive local option.

Lake Murray offers more than 500 miles of shoreline to its visitors. You can enjoy every type of water sport such as fishing, canoeing, jet skiing and more.

Other activities like camping and boating are also possible on Lake Murray. The lake is a true gem and one reason why people are not shying away from moving to the center of South Carolina.

Visit the Ice House

The Ice House personifies the culture of Lexington. Visitors can check out the open-air market every Saturday from May to October. There are food trucks and different types of vendors to purchase unique items from.

The Ice House also features an impressive outdoor amphitheater. It hosts thousands for festivals and concerts. Major artists like John Mayer and Billy Joel have performed here for the local crowd.

Lexington County Museum

Lexington is rich in its history dating back prior to the Revolutionary War. If you are a history buff, the county museum is one of the best activities in Lexington.

The museum encompasses roughly seven acres of land. There are 36 historic buildings to visit. The prices are affordable as it is a self-guided tour.

Visit Columbia

Lexington is a suburb of South Carolina’s capital city of Columbia. Many people choose to live in the quiet town of Lexington and commute to the bustling capital city for work opportunities.

Columbia is perfect for a night out on the town. The University of South Carolina is located in Columbia so you know there is a lot to do. Whether you want to take in a college football game or hit the Vista with friends, Columbia is a great local attraction.

Outdoor Activities

The most popular Lexington attractions involve enjoying the outdoors. There are so many great places for hiking, jogging, and taking in nature.

One popular spot is the Dreher Shoals Dam. Located along picturesque Lake Murray, visitors go to the dam for skateboarding, bike riding, and jogging.

The Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve is another popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors go for the overturned pyramid and fossils of ancient marine animals.

Top Things to Do in Lexington, SC

Clearly, there are many activities to keep you busy in Lexington. The most popular Lexington attractions include the Ice House amphitheater and Lake Murray. When you are looking for an exciting night out, Columbia is around the corner and offers a vibrant lifestyle.

If the top things to do in Lexington, SC are appealing to you, contact us today to speak with a real estate agent about moving.