If you’ve been thinking about putting your home on the market, you might want to consider investing in home staging. If you don’t know what home staging is, it is the process of decorating a home so that it sells quickly and/or makes more money. On the other hand, perhaps you have heard of home staging and all of the benefits that come with it, but you’re still not convinced.

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In this article, we’ll explain why you should consider home staging when selling your home.

Top 7 Reasons

Below are the top 7 reasons we believe that investing in home staging is worth the expense.

Makes the home feel larger

Even if your home is on the smaller end of the spectrum, a home that has been well-staged will appear much bigger than one that is not staged. Professional stagers can declutter, arrange furniture, and add décor that best use the space and also create a space where potential buyers can picture themselves.

Highlights the unique features of your home

There are so many homes on the market right now, it’s important to make yours stand out from the crowd. Professional stagers can highlight unique features and downplay any flaws.

Increases the curb appeal of your home

When attracting potential buyers, the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Professional stagers can make simple changes to the landscaping and minor improvements to the exterior of your home that will make potential buyers want to take a closer look.

Increases property value

Professional home stagers are aware of what potential buyers are looking for. They will highlight the best features of your home to increase the market value.

Creates the perfect backdrop for photos and video tours

When listing your home for sale, professional photos are critical. However, in order to matter, these photos need to feature your home in the best light. Professional stagers will arrange furniture and décor so that they are captured perfectly in photography and video tours to encourage potential buyers to schedule a physical tour after looking at it online.

Gives buyers something to connect to

When looking at potential homes, buyers need something to connect to that helps them visualize themselves living there. This can be difficult if the home is completely empty. Professional stagers can choose furniture, décor, and color palettes that get them excited at the thought of making your home theirs.

Sets you apart from others

By using professional staging services, your home is set apart from all of the other similar listings in the area. Professional stagers can make any room look larger and cozier at the same time, helping potential buyers picture themselves living there.

Ready to List Your Home?

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, contact The Lafayette Team with EXP Realty. We will help you find a home stager to ensure that you get top dollar from your home.