The world of real estate has evolved significantly over the past several decades. More people turn to online resources to buy and sell their homes, so you might be wondering whether it’s still a good idea to have an open house. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed choice. 

Do Open Houses Sell Homes? 

An open house alone isn’t likely to sell your home. But, it can be one element in the total equation that gets the job done. Buyers often spend a lot of time searching for homes online and then devote one or two days to “boots on the ground” activity. If you have an open house, you can get more people into your home and increase the odds of getting an offer. 

Why You Should Have an Open House

If you’re still unsure about committing to an open house, here are some reasons to tell your real estate agent to put one on the schedule. 

You Get Traffic

The biggest benefit to open houses is foot traffic. The more people that walk through the home, the more likely you are to fill up the calendar with second showings, which are potential buyers seriously thinking about making an offer. 

It’s a Service to Potential Buyers

Website photos just aren’t enough for most people. A home is a major purchase, and they need to see and touch it in person. There are a lot of logistics to setting up a showing, so you’re offering a service by opening up your home for an entire day. 

It Can Speed Up the Process

Few people that want to sell their homes are content to wait months for the perfect offer. You can potentially fast-track this process a bit by having one or more open houses that give your home maximum exposure. 

Tips for a Successful Open House

When you decide to have an open house, your real estate agent will make sure that it gets advertised and promoted properly. As the homeowner, you’ll want to have the home professionally cleaned if possible and even staged. At a minimum, put away all of your personal items and clutter so that potential homeowners can imagine themselves living in the home. 

Your open house day is also a time when you want to schedule something else for your family and your pets to do for the day. In other words, you shouldn’t attend your own open house. Let your real estate agent represent your interests and present your home to potential buyers. 

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