When it’s time to sell your home, it might be tempting to go it alone or trust your intuition to get you through the process. But home sales can be surprisingly emotional and time-consuming, leaving homeowners open to a variety of costly missteps. If you want to get the best possible price for your home and complete the sale as quickly as possible, here are several common home selling mistakes you’ll want to avoid. 

Getting Too Emotional

How can you not get a bit emotional about selling your home? You’ve invested a good deal of time and money making it yours, and let’s not even get started on all the memories you’ve created there. 

But once you decide to move on, it’s vital that you find a way to separate the emotion from the transaction. Remember that buyers might also bring some emotion to the equation, but they’re unlikely to be as attached to the property as you are. 

Not Hiring an Agent

Sure, your real estate agent gets paid a commission for the work they do. But they generally earn every penny. It’s rarely a good idea to sell your home on your own. 

An agent will have experience selling in the local market and will know how to negotiate the best deal with buyers, often getting you a much higher price. And real estate agents can help you avoid many selling mistakes with paperwork, inspections, and other pitfalls that could delay or jeopardize a transaction. 

Setting an Unrealistic Price

If you don’t set the right sales price for your home, you may be setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment. Your real estate agent will do a competitive market analysis to help determine a fair asking price. They will also act as your negotiator when potential buyers make offers or request various concessions or contingencies. 

Skimping on Your Listing

Since so many home buyers are now searching for properties online, it would be a mistake to rush through the creation of your home listing. Instead, take the time to create a listing that showcases the best features of your home. Use high-quality photos and video tours whenever possible. 

Hiding Major Home Issues

If your home has some major issues, one of the worst things you can do is try to hide them from potential buyers. A qualified home inspector is going to uncover any glaring problems. If you’ve hidden them, it will make buyers wonder what else is wrong with the home. A better plan is to fix issues in advance or clearly disclose them in your listing. 

Not Preparing for the Sale

You’re unlikely to get the price you deserve for your home if you don’t thoroughly clean it and stage it properly. Much of this you can do on your own with the guidance of your real estate agent. 

If you don’t take care of minor issues like running toilets, leaky faucets, rattling doorknobs, and peeling paint, potential buyers will wonder what major issues lie beneath the surface. You’ll also want to get rid of clutter so that the home appears spacious and makes a positive first impression. 

Dealing With Unqualified Buyers

You need to be ready to accommodate potential buyers when someone wants to view your home. But not everyone is a serious buyer. Some are simply tire-kickers. Your real estate agent can help qualify buyers so that you are making the best use of your time and resources. 

Looking to Sell Your Home in Lexington, SC? 

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