FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a real thing. Think about it- have you ever been invited to a social event that you didn’t really want to attend, but the idea of missing out on it was enough to motivate you to go? What about life-changing decisions? Can FOMO really have an impact on major decisions such as buying, selling, or refinancing their home? Housing demands are still on the rise and most people are still in the pandemic mentality, which means both buyers and sellers are eager to make changes. Therefore, FOMO can have a significant impact on real estate decisions, which is something that has been obvious in the home-buying market since the pandemic.

If you are worried about FOMO and buying a home, partner with the experts at the Lafayette Team with EXP Realty in Lexington, South Carolina. We specialize in working with first-time home buyers and sellers, those who are looking to “level up”, and those looking to downsize. We can help you find your dream home in or near Lexington.

Don’t Let FOMO Take Over Your Real Estate Decisions

At this time, there are not very many houses available to consumers who are looking to buy, which means competition is high. Bidding wars are normal and the average time it takes to sell a home is around 18 days.

This has a major influence on FOMO for buyers and sellers. The thought of not acting right now and missing out on the benefits others are seeing is strong. However, you still must be responsible when making your decision. Here’s how to avoid letting FOMO lead your decision making:

Focus on your goals

Take some time to think about what you’re trying to achieve with buying or selling and write these goals down. Before you make any decisions, look over them to determine if the decision will meet those goals.

Don’t try to make predictions

There is one thing for certain: the housing market is always volatile, and everyone’s situation is different. There will be times when conditions are perfect for buying or selling based on your preferences and other times, they’re not. Some people try to wait, while others make quick decisions. The best thing to do is focus on your goals without feeling pressured by external factors to take impulsive actions when making real estate decisions.

Partner with the Lafayette Team with EXP Realty

If you are in or near Lexington, South Carolina and you’re considering buying or selling, you’re going to want to have experts in your corner. Partner with the Lafayette Team with EXP Realty. We can help you make the best decisions to reach your goals. Contact us today to get started on your journey and we can help you avoid FOMO no matter what decision you make.