Every homeowner wants to invest in home upgrades. However, not every upgrade is a good investment. In fact, some of them might turn out to be problematic for you when it’s time to sell. If you want to invest in an upgrade that is worth your money, don’t waste your investment in the following upgrades.

Adding Murals or Wallpapers

Making your room livelier by adding colorful wallpapers or murals might seem like a nice upgrade. However, when it comes to removing the wallpapers or clearing off the mural wall, the process of removal becomes expensive and difficult. Your house might lose its resale value if you plan on selling it since potential buyers might find it hard to look past the wallpapers or murals. Instead, you can try these ideas to see how you can incorporate a fun color scheme in your home.

Upgrading Your Garage Into a Gym

Turning your garage into a gym seems exciting but might turn out to be a bad investment. When it comes to resale value, most buyers are looking for a garage space where they can park their cars inside. So, partitioning the garage to accommodate your gym might not be a good idea from a resale point of view.

Inconsistent Designs

A modern kitchen upgrade could feel like a dream come true. However, if the rest of the house has different fixtures, it might not add value. Any design upgrade that does not go with the entire home’s design aesthetic might put off potential buyers.

Carpeted Floors

If you’re thinking of installing wall-to-wall carpeting, remember that your future potential buyers might see it as a deterrent since it is a high-maintenance addition and might trigger allergies for some people. Some people might not like the color or pattern of the carpet, so it could be off-putting.

High-maintenance Landscaping

Even though an extensively landscaped yard sounds awesome, keep this in mind: to potential buyers, it will seem like a lot of upkeep with all the extensive maintenance even if you might love spending time tending to your manicured lawn and fragile plants.

Your Trusted Real Estate Team

What if you’ve already invested in some of these upgrades? Don’t stress! At the Lafayette Team, we can help you prepare your home to sell and meet your real estate goals.

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