Any homeowner knows that their property’s curb appeal absolutely contributes to the overall value of their investment. Many features that can improve and elevate your home’s curb appeal relate to the exteriors and landscaping of your property – the first things that others notice about your home.

Add great curb appeal to your home and property with these ten features:

1. Quality fencing.

Good fences make more than good neighbors: they also help improve curb appeal. The key here is to invest in quality fencing and to maintain it with regular treatment and power-washing to ensure it looks its best.

2. Outdoor lighting.

You can transform your home’s exteriors with outdoor lighting features. Consider path lights, sensor spot lights, and solar stake lights, in a variety of colors that you control with a single remote. Choose dimmer options to increase lighting variety even more.

3. Outdoor furniture.

You need some outdoor furniture that gives a peek into your own style and personality. Choose conversation sets to nestle in the garden or a swing under your favorite tree.

4. Refurbished doors.

Many homeowners overlook the condition of their home’s doors when making simple upgrades. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, the garage too, and an enhanced appearance. Consider doing something different, like a powerful red front door which according to Feng Shui theory, is welcoming and demonstrates hospitality.

5. New Mailbox.

Give your mailbox a quick once-over; is it in good shape? If it is time to replace your mailbox, consider a unique style in a color that complements your home’s exteriors.

6. Yard art.

Simple and distinctive pieces in the yard can improve curb appeal. The key is not to get carried away; it can be difficult to maintain your landscaping with too many pieces of art in the space. Less is more and fewer objects will garner more attention.

7. Planted beds and borders.

Naturally, foliage and flora enhance curb appeal. Talk to a landscape professional to learn more.

8. A well-maintained lawn.

A poorly-maintained lawn can take away from the rest of your property. It is important to cut and water your grass in our climate. Hire a landscaper if you don’t have time to mow weekly.

9. Some color.

Give your exteriors a splash of color. This will enhance curb appeal and could brighten up your home’s exteriors. Avoid multi-colored lights and features as these may appear holiday-like during non-holiday seasons.

10. Water features.

A simple water feature, like a fountain or a birdbath, can bring so much to your exteriors. Plus, the gentle sound of water is very serene and relaxing.

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