Buying a house can be an exciting experience- and you may be ready to jump right into finding your dream home. You probably even have a wish list for what you’re looking for in a house. However, there’s a very important question you need to ask yourself: “Where should I live?” Choosing a neighborhood to live in is something you will want to consider before buying a house.

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In this article, we’ll outline some of the most important things to keep in mind.

6 Things to Keep in Mind

Below are 6 important factors to keep in mind as you look for your dream home:

How close are grocery stores, department stores, and pharmacies?

Things like food, toiletries, and medications are necessities. If convenience matters, you may want to choose a neighborhood close to where you do most of your shopping- unless you prefer a more rural area.

Consider where the neighborhood is in relation to these places- are they close or will you need to plan your trips to the store? Be sure that you are looking at the stores you prefer. You may find that though they’re not close to your home, they may be on your route to and from work, school, etc, which could factor into your decision.

How is the school district?

Whether you already have children in school or you’re planning to in the future, finding a good school district might be a priority. The best way to find out whether or not a school district is good is by looking at the following:

  • Test scores/data
  • Programming
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Sports programs

If you are retired or don’t have children and don’t plan on having them, this may not be something you would prioritize.

Are there parks, dog parks, or walking paths nearby?

Even if you’re looking at houses during the winter, it’s important to consider outdoor amenities in the neighborhood. You may want to explore the area to check for things like:

  • Sidewalks
  • Parks
  • Walking trails
  • Dog parks

This will tell you whether you will have nearby opportunities to get outside when the weather is nice.

Is the Neighborhood Safe?

Consider talking with some of the neighbors to find out how they feel about the quality of the neighborhood. Find a neighborhood that gives you a sense of security and comfortability for the location of your new home.

How is your commute to work?

Another potentially important factor is where your work is in relation to the neighborhood, especially if the commute is short or exceptionally long. If you live close but don’t drive or can’t drive yourself, you might want to consider options such as public transportation.

What restaurants are available in the area?

Food is a necessity, but you may not always have time to buy groceries and cook at home, so you might want to know about the restaurants in the area.


It’s important to note that the features that make a neighborhood desirable may also increase the demand and prices of the homes in the area. If this happens while you’re searching for your dream home, take a step back and prioritize your “must-haves”.

If you’re wanting to move to Lexington or nearby, consider working with the Lafayette Team with EXP Realty to learn more about how competitive the housing market is. We can help you find your dream home, whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you’re looking to relocate.